Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Genealogy Opportunities

I have attended a couple of free Webinars lately, the most recent this afternoon - Social Networking - New Horizons for Genealogists by Thomas MacIntee.  It was part of the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree Extension Series.  You can find more info and a list of upcoming webinars at  It's well worth the effort to check them out.  It's a new way of learning about genealogy from the experts and it's free!

There are other free webinars out there.  To learn about them, subscribe to a variety of genealogy newsletters or follow some genealogy blogs as they will talk about them.  Google "free genealogy webinars" and you will find a few links.  Most of the them use GoToWebinar technology so it's a good opportunity to try out the software.  A lot of genealogy societies will be using it soon - maybe even the one you belong to.

I'm really happy that I am able to take advantage of the technology available today.  It certainly makes researching genealogy more accessable from home and adds a certain amount of "fun factor" too.

Until next time, Happy Researching!

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