Sunday, March 20, 2011

Social Networking, Webinars & BlogTalk Radio

When I first started my genealogy research, I was hard-pressed to find anyone who didn't roll their eyes when I talked about it.

Now, I hardly have time to work or do my own research.  There's so much to do in the genealogy world!  Between, attending free webinars offered by the Southern California Genealogy Society, chatting on GenealogyWise or listening to GeneaBloggers Blogtalkradio shows, I barely have time to work or sleep.  O Happy Day! :)

Of course, I am also starting to work on my own genealogy.  Yesterday, I attended a meeting to learn more about the proper way to do source footnotes in a genealogy.  I learned a lot and it will make putting the genealogy together a little easier.  Then I did some research at Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management.  I have to say, trying to read Nova Scotia BMDs in church records that were recorded in German is no treat.  Especially, if you don't know German at all :)  I did find a few things, but it was long and arduous especially since I was sleep deprived after staying up late to listen to Geneabloggers most recent radio show.  However, I am now re-enthused about my own research and have vowed that I won't let it go as long as I have recently.  I need a regular fix to keep me interested.

Until next time, Happy Researching!

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