Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Laid Plans...

Well, you can see that my plans of August 2008 didn't pan out the way I thought they would! I have continued my research but the organization is in the same state as it was two years ago.


Lots has happened since my first (and last) post. I have moved (and packed a lot of genealogy paper), another grandchild was born and I now have a vehicle (the better to travel to Genealogy Societies in Nova Scotia).

And still I think about organizing. So, today I bought a clear, plastic container with a lid to hold the obits that I've gathered from the paper and copied at West Hants Historical Society, the Kings County Courthouse Museum, the public library, Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management (NSARM) etc. I've been using one that was meant to hold cds/dvds but it's too narrow and some can't lie flat. This container is 15"LX11.5"WX6"D. Should do the trick.

Tomorrow, I'll visit NSARM after work. I have an obit to look up and then I'll continue working on a proofreading/transcribing project for the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

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