Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nursing My Bruises

You see, I fell off the wagon AGAIN! Last year, I planned on regularly updating this blog, but again, life happened. This is how it went: In September every year, I attend a dollhouse miniature camp called Camp Mini Ha Ha. It's five days of fun, workshops, good food, laughter and hobnobbing with like minded friends. There is some preparation involved like packing tools and supplies. Also, it's a busy time at work since I take two week's vacation around Camp time. Then, I'm always working on an issue of The Nova Scotia Genealogist right up till the minute I leave. On the other end, I need a couple of days rest after Camp, I usually spend a couple of days doing some genealogy research sometimes at the Land Registration Office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia or at the West Hants Historical Society in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Then a few days resting, visiting my family and doing errands. By that time, we are into October - Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas preparations and yucky weather is well on its way.

Last year at the beginning of December, I got a new kitty, Lindy, from the Halifax Cat Rescue Society. She is a sweet brown tabby that was about 10 months old when I got her. Her introduction into my home and to Skittles is another blog post entirely! Just over two weeks after I brought her home, I fell in the parking lot of my apartment building and broke my right wrist. It's the first time I have ever broken a bone and, wouldn't you know, it would be my dominant hand! Any outstanding Christmas preparations were cancelled and I managed to drag my way through the holidays. In case I didn't have enough fun, just after New Years, a water pipe in the ceiling of my bedroom froze and burst and flooded my apartment. My insurance company paid to have all of my belongings packed and moved to another building for about six weeks while they repaired the pipe and damage to the apartment. Mid-February, I was moved back, had my cast removed and then went back to work. Physio followed for a few weeks and then our short summer was upon us.

The summer was filled with meetings at the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia. Our landlord gave us a Notice to Vacate on July 1 so we had to find a place to house the Association within three months. Lots of busy-ness ensued and we finally got moved to our new location the first week of September.

Then the cycle started again. :) In the coming days, I'm going to work on a realistic schedule so I can post regularly and avoid those bruises!

Until next time, Happy Researching!


  1. Glad your hand is mended. How about a picture of Lindy and Skittles?

    1. Thank you Karen. Pics of my kitties posted as requested. :)

      I have to ask about your surname - birth name or married name? What is the origin? Nova Scotia or somewhere else.

    2. I was born a Wyles. Our family is from Nova Scotia, Annapolis County to be exact. We exchanged emails in the past. My grandfather Mansford started with the "Y". My line goes Mansford - Silas - John Aaron - John - John - Andrew. Cute cats, take care. Karen