Saturday, January 7, 2012

Organizing Continued - A Smidge Closer to My Goals

On January 1, I started working towards one of  my genealogy goals by sorting out my piles of genealogy papers, notebooks, magazines and envelopes with notes and contact information scribbled on them.  Progress is slow, but it is really satisfying to see the stacks take different shapes.  I have emptied one box and one plastic tote so far and the second one is sitting in front of me.

Also in front of me are five containers - one for each of my grandparents' surnames:  Deal, McCann, Smith and Wile and one for general genealogy stuff like maps, community histories and notes that apply to more than one family.  One added bonus to all of this sorting is that because I can't help but read through the notes, I am discovering leads that I may have missed before!  I am also discovering correspondence and genealogies that I'd forgotten about.

I am feeling really motivated to get this done and looking forward to sorting the surname files and getting closer to the point the information can be analyzed with fresh eyes.

This organizing project might be exactly what I need to break down some brick walls.  Wouldn't it be funny if I've had the answers in front of me all along?

Until next time, Happy Researching!

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