Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pet List Continued

Well, I started my pet list tonight. I like the way this blog prompts me to do something I said I would do. The list of budgies, cats, dogs, fish and a canary and hampster is quite long.

Now to jot down everything I can remember about them. It's a good opportunity to talk to Mom about the cats that belonged to my family when I was born and the budgies we used to have. Maybe she can remember them and we can have a warm, fuzzy talk and maybe even a laugh or two.

There are some fish that were nameless until just a minute ago. Hank and Scully were named after the characters on Dr. Quinn.

After the stories are written, I'll add the photos I can find for each of them. Sadly there aren't any of the early budgies but they were kind of standard looking :) The challenge will be to find photos of all the pets before digital cameras.

The other challenge will be to wade through the tons of digital photos that aren't tagged or named.

I think I've identified another project!

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